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Suboxone Doctor in Rosedale, MD offering Online Appointments to Assist Those Without Transportation

Rosedale, MD Suboxone doctor Lekeya Hutton aims to help those who are struggling with transportation issues to and from her Suboxone clinic in Rosedale, Maryland by offering online suboxone doctor appointments. The Epec Clinic also provides prescriptions for Medical Cannabis or Medicinal Marijuana as well as Botox injections. People that are find themselves "addicted to opiates" may in fact be physically dependent on opioid however, not "addicted" so it is important to discuss this with our Suboxone doctor.

Medical Cannabis or Medicinal Marijuana Prescriptions

Marijuana when used for medical or medicinal purposes or even in spiritual ritual setting can provide a great deal of relief and clear negative energies such as anxiety while alleviating pain and helping with some sleep disorders. Medical Marijuana or Medicinal Cannabis provides many of The Epec Clinic clients with a safe and healthier alternative to long term use of Suboxone. Plant medicines or Plant Spirit Teacher Medications have been used successfully for thousands of years prior to modern healthcare system currently in place and or the variety of drugs that may have side-effects or damage to the heart, kidneys and liver when taken for long-term even short term at times depending how how severe the medicines ie Chemo-medications.

Botox Injections May Help With a Sense of Well-being - Self-esteem

Many people are struggling today with wrinkles especially around the eyes and the forehead area. Botox injections can reduce those signs of aging and bring about a sense of greater self-esteem and improve ones confidence. We always recommend that people work on the inside to better the outside, however, should you need to explore changing certain aspect of your facial expressions and reduce some of the signs of aging, Botox may be the option to discuss with your healthcare provider. Lekeya Hutton can be reached at 443-559-8354

Contact Us Today for Suboxone, Medical Cannabis, or Botox Injections

The Epec Clinic is located at 9110 Philadelphia Rd, Suite 210, Rosedale, MD 21237 however, we do provide online suboxone doctor appointments. If you would like to speak to our Suboxone doctor or schedule an online suboxone doctor's appointment, please contact us today. You do not have to fall victim to substance abuse or addiction. If you would like to learn more about our Medicinal Cannabis prescriptions or Botox Injections, a consultant is more than happy to contact you should you fill out contact form however, our doctor does her very best to make sure she is available by phone 443-559-8354

Rosedale, Maryland 21237


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