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Rosedale Medical Marijuana Clinic

Medical Marijuana is often used to help patients with the most debilitating medical conditions.

It is a great way to relieve symptoms that conventional medications cannot. 

Medical Marijuana, also known as medical cannabis has recently gained popularity in treating both terminally ill patients and patients with lifelong pain.

See if our Rosedale medical marijuana clinic is right for you.

Rosedale medical marijuana clinic

What is Marijuana?



Marijuana is the dried leaves, flowers, and stems from Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica.

The plant contains a special chemical compound called THC that is used to help relieve pain and aches.

Marijuana is a very common psychotropic drug for medical uses.

What is Cannabis Sativa?

Also known as Sativa. They are indigenous to eastern Asia but have grown worldwide due to its cultivation.

They're commonly used in oil, food, and medical purposes. 

Sativas often produces a mind high. It energizes a person and reduces anxiety.


If you use Sativa-dominant strains, you may feel productive and creative. 

What is Cannabis Indica

Also known as Indica. Originally grown in the Indian Subcontinent. Indicas typically have a different feel to the user.

It is commonly used to treat and numb pains. Indicas can also be used to treat insomnia or anxiolytic.

If you are suffering from pain, Cannabis Indica might be right for you. Please book an appointment with us and see how we can help.

Questions? Contact us 

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Why Choose Our Rosedale Primary Care Services?

When dealing with matters of your health and your loved ones, you need a credible clinic that cares about your health.


At the EPEC Clinic, we are fully devoted to helping our patients and community. Our specialty lies not only in our staff but the backing of our community.


By helping the local Rosedale community, we are ultimately making our area better.


The EPEC Clinic specializes in primary care and substance abuse treatment.


Contact us and schedule an appointment now and see how we can help out.


Your Privacy is Our Priority

Medical information should be kept confidential at all costs. Your privacy is our absolute #1 priority.


No matter what happens, what you tell us will remain with us and no one else.


Effects of THC

THC is commonly used to relieve pain that conventional medication cannot. 

It is a natural herbal remedy that should be considered. Here are some common effects of THC in the body:

  • Relieve chronic pain

  • Increased lung capacity

  • Weight Loss

  • Regulate Insulin & Prevent Diabetes

  • Fight Cancer

  • Alleviate Anxiety

Potential Long-Term Side Effects

There haven't been enough long-term studies yet on mental health. For most users, THC is a great alternative way to relieve pain and help with other underlying medical conditions.

See if Medical Marijuana is right for you.


Book an appointment with our Rosedale medical marijuana clinic now.

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