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Our Rosedale Family Medicine Services

The EPEC Clinic is a leading primary care provider, dedicated to providing high-quality services to patients struggling with debilitating conditions or looking for preventative health care options.


Below are the services we are currently offering:

Rosedale family medicine services


Your health is our number one priority. We provide thorough examinations and screenings for patients to ensure you are getting the best care. From blood pressure screenings to cholesterol checks, rest assured that our providers at the EPEC Clinic have the experience to help improve and maintain your health.

Preventative Health Care Management



At EPEC Clinic, we provide reliable comprehensive physical examinations. Our Rosedale family medicine services include assessments for mental and physical health, lab work, vital signs, and neurological status.

Sick Visits

Come down with a cold and need to see a health care professional? Look no further. EPEC Clinic offers the communities of Rosedale family medicine services including treatments for acute symptoms of sore throat, ear infections, and cough, as well as minor injuries, skin issues, and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

Substance Abuse Treatments

Do you or anyone you know struggle with substance abuse? EPEC Clinic offers Suboxone and Vivitrol for medication-assisted treatments for drug addiction. These medications help normalize body functions and brain chemistry as well as inhibit the effects of alcohol, opioids, and more.



Administrative, Travel & Back-To-School

From regular pap smears to birth control prescriptions, EPEC Clinic will take care of you. Regular checkups are important for women’s health no matter what age you are.

Health and wellness checks are important to do before a vacation, work travel, or going back to school. Turn to EPEC Clinic for all of your necessary examinations.

Acute & Chronic Disease Management

Medical Marijuana Certifications

Our Rosedale primary care providers at the EPEC Clinic will give you the necessary help you need for your acute and chronic diseases. We recommend the treatment of medical marijuana as well as other services for management.

With medical marijuana being legal in the state of Maryland, it can be a useful treatment to help numerous conditions. In order to qualify for this treatment, patients can obtain a certificate from the EPEC Clinic.



COVID-19 continues to spread across Maryland. Be proactive and come to our health clinic for viral or antibody tests. Contact our clinic today for more information!

Put Your Health First

Our Rosedale family medicine services reach a wide range of patients. From annual physicals to substance abuse treatments, our health clinic can handle any issue. Schedule an appointment with the EPEC Clinic to see how our primary care providers are different.

Questions? Contact us 

(443) 559-8354

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