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Do you think Suboxone is the Answer for Heroin Addiction?

How many people are reported to use heroin?

Among people aged 12 or older in 2021 (or about 1.1 million people) reported using heroin in the past 12 months

How many students are reported to use heroin?

In 2022, an estimated 0.3% of 8th graders, 0.2% of 10th graders, and 0.3% of 12th graders reported using heroin in the past 12 months.

How many people have died from Heroin?

In 2021, approximately 9,173 people died from an overdose involving heroin.  You do not need to become a statistic of drug abuse or a broken system's way of life that. You can choose to live free of opiate pain killers. Just look at the name opiate pain killers! It is time for everyone to arise and shine and become the perfect creations GOD has always intended them to be. We were not born addicted, most of us anyway. We were not born shooting heroin into our veins. We were not born dependent of drugs to make us feel better, that is why we have Christ, that is why we have consciousness, that is why we have Buddha or spiritual practices. That is why we have Plant Spirit Teacher Sacraments. The point is, we are foolish if we think that Methadone or Suboxone or any other habit forming and addictive medicine is going to give us a lifestyle that is worth living. It is time to change everything that we know about ourselves and this broken system we now call healthcare. For more information about how you can live free from heroin or opiates, please give us a call today 443- 559-8354

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