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Suboxone Treatment Affects Your Health - Myth or Truth?

According to some, Suboxone treatment is associated with various health conditions. The treatment does not affect your body in any way but helps you get rid of the addiction. However, do not forget to visit a dentist during the treatment. Suboxone treatment does not affect your general health, but oral health requires some precautions; otherwise, you can expect serious consequences.

This happens because the patient takes the medication orally and must place it under the tongue. Since the medicines are acidic, they dissolve in your mouth and make your teeth vulnerable.

People usually focus more on the other side effects of Suboxone treatment and are least concerned about their oral health. Neglect can lead to serious oral problems such as acidic teeth, cavities, blisters in the mouth, or other oral conditions.

When you are treated with Suboxone, it is better to take some precautions. Don't worry; you don't need to take any extraordinary precautions; these are the same ones required to maintain oral health.

Increased water intake

According to doctors, increased water intake is beneficial in several ways. It removes all impurities and detoxifies your body. Also, water neutralizes the acidic environment in your mouth and protects your teeth from decay while undergoing suboxone treatment. So try to drink more water during your recovery period to avoid unwanted oral health issues.

Smoking is a no-no

Suboxone treatment does not affect the oral health of non-smokers, but if you are a smoker, you are more susceptible to severe consequences.

Brush your teeth twice a day

Whether you take opiates or not, brushing your teeth twice a day helps maintain the integrity of your teeth and your oral health, according to dentists.

Use sugar-free gum

All you need to do during treatment is maintain the oral environment, which becomes acidic with suboxone medications. Using sugar-free gum or xylitol chewing gum will neutralize your saliva and protect your teeth from decay or other related oral problems.

Moreover, this practice works wonders for discomfort or tension in the jaw joint or chewing muscle. Peppermint candies can also help you in this regard, as they are enriched with xylitol.

Final words

Every treatment has some side effects that may vary from person to person, so Suboxone treatment will affect your health is totally a myth, and a little precaution or remedy can help you overcome these unwanted conditions. In addition to Suboxone treatment services, Epec Clinic doctors also work in collaboration with multiple Ketamine therapy doctors. Should you be interested in Ketamine therapy, please let us know during your suboxone treatment visit. Ketamine therapy or psychedelic therapy may include Medical Cannabis prescriptions and or Ketamine infusion therapy options.


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