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You're Not Alone

Trying to quit your addiction alone, in solitude, can be extremely difficult and sometimes even dangerous. It’s important that you contact a trained addiction recovery specialist to help you. The recovery success rate for those that go at it alone is very low. When someone stops taking the drugs, the body needs time to recover. This causes withdrawal symptoms and they can be very discomforting, to the point that you may feel that you have to have that drug in your system again. Medication-assisted treatment or suboxone treatment is considered the gold standard for treating those who are suffering with opiate withdrawal symptoms or an addiction to heroin or other opiates such as pain medications that contain opioids.

You're Not Alone

Withdrawal symptoms may include agitation, anxiety, muscle aches, sweating, and even more intense symptoms such as abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and / or vomiting. Suboxone works to decrease the severity of withdrawal symptoms and reduce a person's dependency on opioids in the long term. We’re here not to just put a bandaid on your addiction but to offer you long term success. We do everything in our power to be able to see as many patients as possible statewide through our telehealth service. We know that it is challenging to get in to see a doctor, and that’s why we are proud to offer support through telehealth.

We want to make your recovery experience as smooth and attainable as possible. Someone should never feel like they are fighting this battle of recovery alone. We work together as a team. Teamwork makes the dream work! We understand that the road to recovery may seem dark and lonely. We’re here to help guide you to your success. We’re here to be the light. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Reaching out is your first step to success. We make the process very smooth and easy. You no longer have to fear failure. Let our trained addiction recovery specialists help you rise up!

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