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When Does Suboxone® Leave Your System?

Before starting treatment, you need to know when the Suboxone will leave your body. The factor determining the duration of any drug in your body is its half-life. The half-life is basically the time that half of a single dose of medication leaves the body. For example, the half-life of buprenorphine is about 37 hours, which means that during 37 hours, half of the total buprenorphine will leave your body.

However, it takes another 37 hours to metabolize half the dose. Based on the above, we can say that Suboxone will take between nine and fourteen days after the last intake to leave your system completely.

Besides, the half-life also depends on many factors. It is not the same for all individuals and varies from person to person. These factors include

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Body mass

  • Height

  • Genetics

  • Liver function

  • Dosage

  • Frequency of use

  • Co-ingestion of other drugs

If you want to check whether or not traces of Suboxone are present in your system, you can go for a test. Keep in mind that standard drug testing cannot detect elements of Suboxone. However, you can opt for more advanced tests that are specified only for buprenorphine testing.

You should not worry if you get false-positive results for opioids when using Suboxone. This happens because buprenorphine turns into norbuprenorphine in the body rather than morphine-like illicit opioids do. This means you won't get perfect results until you perform a specific test.

You can use urine samples to detect buprenorphine. After ingesting it, you can detect it within 40 minutes. However, it remains detectable for several weeks. You can also detect it in hair, saliva, and blood tests.

Last words

The way Suboxone is metabolized after the last dose depends on your body type, age, and height. So, if you are young and your body actively reacts to any foreign substance, the chances are that Suboxone will not last more than 9 days after the last dose.

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