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Is Medical Marijuana Right for You?

The use of medical marijuana (also known as medical cannabis) to treat specific illnesses has been legalized in many U.S. states. Medical marijuana can have tremendous therapeutic effects and relieve symptoms of a number of conditions that conventional medicines aren’t able to. It’s important to note that medical marijuana is a different product than recreational marijuana, so it’s important to work with a licensed physician to determine whether you are a good candidate and, if so, to prescribe this type of treatment. You may be a good candidate for medical marijuana if you suffer from what’s considered to be any of the qualifying medical conditions.

Medical marijuana is used to treat a variety of medical issues, including even the most debilitating conditions. It is used to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, and more. However, it’s important to keep in mind that every patient reacts differently to medical marijuana, and the side effects that you may experience must be carefully considered by you and your health care provider. Side effects may include dizziness, bloodshot eyes, fast heartbeat, and low blood pressure, among others.

At The EPEC Clinic, our medical professionals can perform the necessary exam and screening process that is required in order for you to qualify for medical marijuana use. Contact us if you have any questions about the use of medical marijuana or to see if you may be a good candidate. We can help determine whether you have what is considered to be a qualifying medical condition that would allow you to seek medical marijuana treatment. As always, your privacy is our top priority, and we maintain the strictest confidentiality when it comes to your health and your medical information.

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