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Isolation is one of the first signs of drug addiction, especially with heroin or opiate pain medications. The body becomes physically dependent leaving the person with only one desire. It disconnects the person from their friends, their family, their spirit. The person loses interest in their hobbies and anything that takes them away from the drug. Their only focus is the drug. However, with opiate addiction, there comes hope.

Starting a medication-assisted treatment program can be one of the best choices a person can make in early recovery. With medications like Suboxone, a person can break free and return to a normal lifestyle full of hope and joy, relationships and careers. Suboxone works to decrease the severity of withdrawal symptoms and reduce a person's dependency on opioids in the long term. With the help of our trained addiction recovery specialists you can begin the road to recovery safely. When attempting to quit cold turkey you can experience severe withdrawal symptoms that can be particularly debilitating resulting in you returning to the drugs for relief.

Our trained addiction recovery specialists will guide you with the proper dosage of Suboxone and a schedule to minimize these symptoms and prevent you from going backwards. It is also important to get involved with support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or churches or non-profit organizations. Staying connected helps those addicted and now in recovery, stay plugged in and avoid isolation.

With medication-assisted treatment you can start to enjoy life again. You will be able to rebuild relationships and even gain new ones. Rome wasn’t built in a day. An athlete wasn’t able to run a marathon with one day of training. Your recovery won’t happen in a day either. These events also didn’t take place in solitude either. It took a leader, a coach, a team for these accomplishments. It took support. Get the support you need from our trained addiction recovery specialists today!

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