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Suffering From Addiction?

Are you or a loved one suffering from an addiction? Are you searching for support as you or a

loved one rise above the addiction? In person and telehealth medication assisted treatment

centers are available in Maryland to offer the proper support for those suffering from an


Addiction is not something that happens overnight. It gradually takes hold and begins to control

and destroy every part of your life. Releasing the control that an addiction has over you doesn’t

happen overnight and neither does your healing. It requires hard work, discipline, dedication,

and most importantly support.

Majority of people can’t defeat the battle with addiction alone and when attempted can usually

result in a relapse and be more intense than before. If you are battling an addiction don’t try to

take on the battle alone. By reaching out to someone you are already showing dedication to

your recovery. Addiction usually stems from deep rooted wounds, typically known as trauma,

that have remained unaddressed and suppressed leaving you searching for something outside

of yourself to “fix” you.

First of all you are not broken. You have only forgotten who you truly are and your own divine

power that lies within. With the proper support you can disconnect from your addiction, go within

yourself, discover the hidden, unhealed wounds, and take proper steps to continue your healing


At Epec Clinic in Maryland we utilize medicated assisted treatments to help one begin the

process of moving away from the addiction with ease. Suboxone is a great tool to assist with

this as it will help reduce and or eliminate the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Our substance

abuse clinic has multiple locations around the Baltimore area. We’re also proud to offer

Telehealth throughout Maryland as needed.

We proudly accept most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. You don’t have

to continue suffering. Suffering is a choice. Make the decision today to regain control of your life,

regain your Power! Reach out and get you consultation scheduled today!


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