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Suboxone Treatment and Ketamine Therapy Rosedale MD

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Doctors prescribe medicines to help people with various illnesses. However, overdose and misuse of medicines can have serious consequences and sometimes even be fatal. The risk increases when drugs are administered in combination. For example, ketamine and Suboxone are excellent drugs used alone for different purposes. However, in some cases, these drugs are administered in combination, which raises the question of whether or not they are appropriate.

How do they work together?

Only a medical expert can prescribe a combination of these two medicines. No one can administer them together on their own. The patient only benefits if a Suboxone doctor or ketamine therapy provider approves the medication for specific purposes.

In addition, not every Suboxone physician is knowledgeable in this niche. They only allow Suboxone to be administered in the case of medication-assisted therapy, particularly for treating chronic pain. In the U.S., there are few telemedicine physicians who are familiar with the safe administration of Suboxone as a first-line treatment.

However, they give ketamine to treat withdrawal symptoms from medications such as buprenorphine. According to one study, patients treated with ketamine experienced rapid improvement in suicidal thoughts.

The study shows that the first ketamine infusion therapy blocked the patient's suicidal thoughts, and after the second dose, the suicidal thoughts completely disappeared. The study also indicates that ketamine treatment in combination with Suboxone benefits people with substance abuse in a controlled and professionally monitored environment.


To help people recover from addiction and substance abuse, the U.S. government has established numerous Suboxone and ketamine clinics. At these clinics, you will find professionals who assist people with various therapies, including meditation, talk therapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy, exercise, and diet.

Choosing the best Suboxone doctor near you could be difficult. Still, we strive to bring you the best discovery by providing you with well-researched information so you can confidently make any decision for yourself or your loved ones.


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