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Suboxone Doctor in Rosedale Provides Online Suboxone Appointments Through Telehealth Services

With drug addiction topping 100,000 deceased each year due to drug overdoses, America has a major crisis on it's hands. More than ever pharmaceutical companies are finding themselves in lawsuits, however, to most, a cost of business. The Epec Clinic is providing online appointments for Suboxone and medical Cannabis prescriptions. If you are suffering from opiate addiction, please give us a call today.

Medical Marijuana Prescriptions - Suboxone Doctor Appointments

Medicinal Cannabis is being prescribed to help combat anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and pain. Some are using in place of Suboxone and some use with. Mental Health illness is a leading cause of suicide in America and as mentioned, with more casualties from opiate addiction than all the wars combined, this is very much a living hell with very little resources or solutions being presented to the public. It seems we have found ourselves comfortable with the revolving door or hamster wheel.

Telehealth Services - Medication-Assisted Treatment

Suboxone is considered the gold standard now for treating opiate addiction, replacing that of Methadone. Here at The Epec Clinic, we prescribe Suboxone. We support taper protocols. We also support plant medicines such as Medicinal Marijuana / Medical Cannabis. If you would like to learn more about our MAT Medication-Assisted Treatment program, Ketamine or Medical Marijuana prescriptions, please contact us today. 443-559-8354

Plant medicines such as Medical Cannabis are helping people break from addiction / alcoholism and we recommend being explored with health professional.

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