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Starting Your Journey To Recovery with The Epec Clinic!

At EPEC Clinic, we provide quality health care services from physical examinations, COVID-19 testing, sick visits, medical marijuana, substance abuse treatments, and more. Here at The Epec Clinic, we take a more holistic approach when working with our clients / patients. We do not attempt to treat the symptoms of the addiction or the health concern. Rather, we explore the root of each patient's medical concerns to help our patients fully recover and live healthier lives.

Suboxone, Medical Cannabis, Substance Abuse Treatments

Here at The Epec Clinic, we are happy to help our patients recover from opiate addiction through the use of Suboxone as that medication has been proving to not only help with Opioid withdrawal symptoms caused by Heroin and other opiate medications but it is showing us that it is also reducing the number of relapses. We have some of our patients using Suboxone as little as a few weeks to get them through the opiate addiction / physical dependence and we have some patients who prefer to remain on Suboxone upwards of year plus.

A Little About Us...

Lekeya Hutton, CRNP, acquired both her Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science in Nursing at Chamberlain College of Nursing. Using her many years of experience in nursing, our team treats acute and chronic conditions with a specialty in medical cannabis and Suboxone. Lekeya Hutton and her team of healthcare professionals have the passion and expertise for treating substance abuse, as well as other primary care services.


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