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Online Suboxone Doctor Appointments Work!

Seeking support for an opiate or heroin addiction can seem like a long, lonely, bumpy road ahead. However, with the guidance of our Medication-Assisted Treatment program at The Epec Clinic in Baltimore, MD that road doesn’t have to be so lonely or rough. We monitor our participants closely through our suboxone treatment program, even offering Telehealth support in order to reach as many people that are struggling in the state of Maryland as possible.

Some may question if suboxone is really the answer? Can suboxone really help rid myself of this life debilitating addiction? The answer is that suboxone is a great start! Beginning a suboxone treatment program with the support and guidance of physicians specializing in suboxone treatment will put you on the right path to a successful recovery. When you have been putting certain chemical substances into your body over a long period of time, the body becomes dependent on them. The body begins to ‘think’ that it simply cannot function without it. Just like any bad habit that you want to change or be rid of, it takes time, dedication, determination, and discipline. The most difficult part of removing opiate or heroin addiction from your life is the withdrawal symptoms that come with it. The body will act like a child that was told no more candy… and we all know the tantrums that can arise from that. Suboxone helps reduce those withdrawal symptoms eventually diminishing them. With little to no withdrawal symptoms the probability that one may turn back to the chemical substance abuse is significantly decreased.

However, suboxone alone is not going to completely rid you of the addiction and won’t get to the root of the problem. You need a good support system. Those that know, respect, and will help you stay on the path. You need to surround yourself with a new circle of friends, family, support groups, and reconnection to your own divinity within. You’ll want to adopt new lifestyle habits by treating your body and yourself as sacred. Fill your body with healthy foods and liquids, find a physical activity that you enjoy, fill your mind with positivity by finding uplifting podcasts, books, affirmations, and meditation. Start keeping a journal to take notes of your thoughts, feelings, and triggers so that you can notice patterns and begin retraining your mind.

We have multiple locations in Maryland including Glen Burnie, Rosedale, and Baltimore accepting most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. We also offer Medicinal or Medical Marijuana and work with other doctors in the area offering Ketamine Infusion Treatments to help battle anxiety, depression, ptsd, pain management, and other ailments that one may be experiencing going through this challenging but rewarding process. Contact a Suboxone Doctor today and begin your journey to recovery!


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