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Baltimore Suboxone Doctor Offers Online Appointments

Baltimore suboxone doctor Lekeya Hutton with Rosedale Suboxone Clinic The Epec Clinic is now providing Telehealth or Online Suboxone doctor appointments. There are physical office locations in Baltimore, MD and Rosedale, MD. If you have been struggling with heroin addiction or an addiction to opiate painkillers, please contact us today for addiction recovery services in Baltimore, MD and Rosedale, MD. Heroin abuse or opiate addiction does not have to rob you of your work, family, dignity or life.

Online Suboxone Doctor Appointments Baltimore, MD and Rosedale, MD

In Baltimore, MD there is a major opiate abuse epedemic. We here at Baltimore, MD Suboxone clinic The Epec Clinic know what it takes to get addicted and we know what it takes to get recovery from addiction. We provide Medical Cannabis prescriptions to help with pain, anxiety and sleeplessness. We also help people look and feel better about themselves with Botox injections and will be providing Psychedelic-assisted therapies using Ketamine infusion therapy in near future. To learn more about medication-assisted treatment, Botox injections, Medical Cannabis prescription or psychedelic-assisted therapies, please contact us today.


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