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Medical Marijuana Certification

Get Your Medical Marijuana Certification at Our Clinic

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Service Description

Medical marijuana is used to treat numerous health conditions. It’s 100% legal in the state of Maryland and in order to qualify for this kind of treatment option, you’ll need to get a medical marijuana certification. Patients can obtain these certifications from our health clinic. We perform the necessary examinations and screen processes in order to qualify the patient for the certification. A Reliable Treatment Option The state of Maryland approved the legal use of medical marijuana for patients who suffer from any of the following health conditions: Cancer Depression Wasting Syndrome Insomnia Anorexia Fibromyalgia Severe Nausea Crohn's Disease Migraines Neuropathy ADHD Seizures PTSD Glaucoma Severe or Persistent Muscle Spasms Alzheimer’s Disease HIV or AIDS Chronic Pain You may also qualify for certification if you have a condition that is severe and other medical treatments have been deemed ineffective and if the symptoms of your condition can be expected to be relieved with the use of medical marijuana. After identifying one of the conditions above, you’ll have to be certified by a registered health care provider. The EPEC Clinic has health care providers that you can trust for the job. We’ll work with you to identify your conditions and provide you with the ideal treatment options. Professional and Dependable Health Care The EPEC Clinic in Rosedale, MD is determined to provide professional and dependable health care services to all clients. Whether you’re looking to get a medical marijuana certification or you need standard treatment options, we can help. If you need a proper medical marijuana certification, give us a call at 443-559-8354 now and schedule your appointment!

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  • 9110 Philadelphia Road, Rosedale, MD, USA

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