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Your Journey Home

Struggling with an opioid or heroin addiction can seem hopeless and lonely. Addiction can affect many areas of one’s life. It can affect your work life, home life, your relationship with your family and friends, it can even begin to interfere with your daily mundane tasks. Opioid or heroin addiction can literally disconnect you from yourself and cause you to forget who you even were prior to your use of the substance. You may even know and desire to discontinue the use of the drug but the withdrawals and the cravings become overwhelming, causing you to give in. A lot of times, because of these effects, one can become very lonely and feel that no one understands or can help them.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an opioid or heroin addiction don’t try to take on the road to recovery alone. At The Epec Clinic in Baltimore, MD, Glen Burnie, MD, and Rosedale, MD we have doctors specialized to guide you through this challenging time and back home to yourself. Oftentimes we tend to allow our pride and ego to get in the way, thinking that we are capable of overcoming challenges on our own and no outside help is needed or required. Yes this can be accomplished however it seems to be a longer, more rocky path and sadly most don’t accomplish it.

For those that are unable to get into the substance abuse clinic in Baltimore, Rosedale, or Glen Burnie, MD we have made it even more convenient for you to receive the guidance you are seeking and need. We have expanded our outreach throughout the state of Maryland by offering telehealth appointments or online appointments with our telehealth suboxone treatment program or online suboxone doctor. We also accept most insurance providers including medicaid and medicare.

We’re reaching out our hand for you to grab hold and allow us to pull you up out of the pits of darkness and guide you on your journey home! Remove addiction from your life and come remember who you are at your BEST!

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