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Where does addiction come from?

Where does addiction come from? How does one even fall into addiction? Addiction can arise in many different forms. Understanding where addiction comes from and how one may begin to suffer from substance abuse such as alcohol, opiates, heroin, etc. can help you see the signs of addiction. Once you’re capable of detecting these signs and know the root cause you’re much more capable of helping yourself and / or a loved one that may begin to fall down the slippery slope before they hit rock bottom.

Those that have gone through traumatic events, especially in early childhood, are more susceptible to falling into the pit of addiction. Why, you may ask. When we experience traumatic events sometimes it’s just too much for one to process in the moment, or they just don’t know how to process. Instead of allowing themselves to feel the emotions and reflect on the event they will suppress the emotions, leaving them bottled up. This disconnects the person from oneself and leaves them feeling incomplete, unloved, and participating in unhealthy activities.

When we disconnect from ourselves then we feel an empty hole inside and search for ways outside of ourselves to fill it, thinking that it will complete us and make us feel whole again. When one experiences trauma as an adolescent or an adult it may appear easier to suppress the emotions by covering them with a substance such as alcohol, opiates, and or heroin. One may run from the difficult emotions and look for ways to disconnect. One will seek a false sense of happiness or contentment.

It’s important that we face the traumatic events by reflecting and fully allowing ourselves to feel the emotions that those events brought. Then it’s even more important to learn how to release them through exercise, yoga, breathwork, etc.

However, if in the case that you or a loved one has already begun to descend down the slippery slope, the sooner you receive support from a substance abuse clinic or begin a substance abuse treatment the easier and faster you can get back to yourself and your life! At The Epec Clinic, conveniently located in multiple areas in Maryland as well as offering telehealth support, we’re eager to help you regain your power. Contact us today and get started on the treatment program that you need!

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