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When Narcotics Involve Addiction...Police...ER Trips...

Perhaps it is time to make a change when everything around you is or feels like it is falling down all around you. Police. ER Trips. Charges. Fines. DUI's. The list goes on and on! When does it stop? When does the merry go round music stop playing and we DECIDE to get off the ride? It is important to note that when it comes to drinking alcohol and drugging with narcotics, the ditch, it only gets deeper and wider the more alcohol you dump into it or the more chemicals or drugs consumed within your body, organs, heart, brain. There is also the influence that the chemicals have on your system, your mind, your soul, your spirit and this is just as important if not more so when it comes to fully recovering from addiction or alcoholism. Recovery is very real, very possible!

Suboxone, Medical Cannabis and Ketamine Therapy Showing Promise

Suboxone is a medication that is used in the treatment of drug addiction specifically heroin or opiate based prescription medications that have caused physical dependence or "addiction". Suboxone is a great medication for those who do not wish to experience tremendous heroin or opiate withdrawals as it reduces almost eliminates much of the un-comfortability, even making the detox process somewhat bearable even enjoyable in comparison to stopping cold turkey. Suboxone was initially designed to help detox centers wean people off the heroin or opiate prescription medications. However, as time went on, some studies showed promising results for long-term usage and doctors began prescribing for a year, 18 months some continuous as needed.

Medical Cannabis Under Recreational Cannabis Law

Medical Marijuana is available by prescription for those patients who work within Government and fear repercussions from their place of employment. With a Medical Cannabis prescription, you should not have an issue with Medical Marijuana as prescribed by a doctor and with valid prescription medication. If you are suffering with depression or anxiety or addiction and alcoholism, plant medicines such as Medical Cannabis may be a good option!

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