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Substance Abuse Treatment is Now Available Online

There are incredible resources now such as In the Rooms which provides online meetings all throughout the day. In addition, our Suboxone doctors also meet with our clients online to assist those with transportation issues or for those who simply can not afford 2-4 hour visits or waiting rooms. Substance abuse has become and remained the number one public enemy stealing the lives over over 100,000 people per year. That includes mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers! For us to make a real impact, we must be open to treating the client and not the symptoms of the disease we label as addiction and or alcoholism.

Suboxone Doctors Online Give Hope - Telehealth Services

Many of those who are addicted to opiates / opioid / prescription medications such as Oxycontin, they do not have transportation because they have tickets or DUI's and have lost their licenses. Others simply do not have employment and can not afford to own a vehicle. Some people live in rural areas where there simply are no Suboxone doctors or Suboxone clinics. What do people in these situations do in order to get treatment for their life-threatening heroin addiction?

Our suboxone doctor sees clients online through Zoom appointments or better known as Telehealth Addiction Treatment Services or Online Medication-assisted Rehabilitation Program.

If you are struggling to get clean. If you wake up each morning and tell yourself, today is the day. Today is the day I am going to change my life. If you are like so many of us that have come before you. You are not alone and you should not try to heal yourself alone. Treatment is vital for those in early recovery as the opiate withdrawal symptoms or the mental withdrawal symptoms will always drag us into a using situation somehow someway.

We are here to help. Our online Suboxone Doctor can be reached at 443-559-8354


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