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Medicinal Cannabis - New Way of Living? Explore Options Today!

Is Medicinal Cannabis beneficial for tapering off of certain prescriptions? Can Medicinal Cannabis really be a substitute for Suboxone? Can Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT) really help with my physical, mental, and spiritual health? Have you been battling with substance abuse and or mental ailments with little to no improvements? Have you been hearing more and more about Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and wondering if it's an avenue that you should explore to assist with your healing journey?

Before medicinal cannabis became legalized, many people have been working with this healing plant medicine for these exact reasons. There are many health benefits to working with Medicinal Cannabis under the right regimen. At Epec Clinic our substance abuse specialists work closely with our patients to ensure that they are taking the proper dosage and on a schedule that works for the patient and producing results.

Medicated Assisted Treatment is very helpful for those struggling with substance abuse. Suboxone is a great starting point as it helps diminish the agonizing withdrawal symptoms that one may experience when they discontinue their use of certain prescription medications or opiates. However, it's not meant to be taken forever, it's merely a crutch to assist you. After a period of time it may be beneficial for you to taper off and begin a treatment program with Medicinal Cannabis.

At The Epec Clinic we want to assist our patients in getting to the root source of your health concerns. Most addictions go much deeper than what we see on a surface level. They typically stem from emotions that we have yet learned how to work through ourselves. We also work closely with doctors that offer Ketamine Infusion Treatments that not only reduces pain almost immediately but in addition has been shown to reduce or eliminate suicidal ideation in as little as 90 minutes after treatment. Ketamine is also known to help in uncovering buried or forgotten childhood traumas that could be affecting you today.

We’re happily accepting new patients! We accept most insurance providers including Medicaid and Medicare. We also understand that traveling may be difficult at times and offer Telehealth when applicable. Your healing journey doesn’t have to be traveled alone. You have support waiting for you. At Epec Clinic you have a team in your corner ready to provide you with the right tools and support needed to help you get to the finish line. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. Reach out today and get your initial consultation scheduled!

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