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Finding a Way That Works Best for You

There is a way that will work for someone if they keep moving forward, keep trying, never give up no matter what. It is as though Spirit or Universe or Karma all seems to come together especially when it looks the darkest. However, if you know anyone who is successful or read any of the reports on millionaires (financial success, just one of so many others) they usually fail 10 x over before finally getting that winning idea to work or that new product to market. Recovery and drug addiction are not much different. We are the consumer. We are experimenting with very dangerous chemicals like heroin or prescription pain medications like Oxycontin which is said to have led to many deaths, one I personally know of, our brother Steven, or Mary or Devine or your brother... Steven used the medication 1 time and unfortunately, he began to get sick but due to the heavy intoxication and the acid forming effects Steven suffocated and was found by his brother the following day. Many doctors went to prison, however, the manufacturers, they went bankrupt and no charges ever filed. Billions were made. 1 dead, my brother. I would have paid billions to have him back for just another day. Suboxone is said to be the new Gold Standard for opiate addiction replacing Methadone. It is a medication that helps alleviate heroin or opiate withdrawal symptoms giving people using a better chance of recovering as opiate or heroin withdrawal is pure hell. It is important to note, Suboxone withdrawal, some consider to be just as painful or worse. Suboxone was initially designed to taper people off the medications within 7-10 days. Studies showed longer usage could help repair the brain and or body so longer prescriptions were provided. More studies showed how 18 months of Suboxone was best and this is pretty typical among doctors and nurses who prescribe. Our suggestion, if using heroin, Suboxone is a tool. Use it to help you get off the drug of choice heroin or opiates. Then if you would like, explore plant medicine options such as Medical Cannabis and begin to taper off the opiate based narcotic or chemical prescription medication that is chemical based so your mind and body can clear up and cleanse itself. At The Epec Clinic, we educate our family members some refer to as patients. We make sure they are fully aware of short term and long term options and all pro's and cons. Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about The Epec Clinic MAT to PAT programs.

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