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Drug Addiction Overdoses Soar -Time to Rest

When you have drugs that are 10 even 100 x stronger than that of heroin, it is hard not to understand why do many people have become addicted so quickly. From a business perspective, they have optimized the opiate prescription medications to maximize costs, speed of delivery and it's effectiveness or strength. Any outcome outside the parameters of the "test" study is considered to be biological - chemical reaction or side effect. In times, when not properly prescribed, it results in a drug or opiate overdose. The body is a very resilient piece of machinery as well as divine spiritual being. We can think of it is terms of pouring soda on a Mother Board, it would short-circuit and if too damaging, destroy. We can look at this also from an organic perspective if we think in terms of chemicals that are in our food, fast food for example, contains 10' 20, 100's of chemicals. In fact, the majority of what people are consuming today are processed and loaded with sodium which is an additive. Suboxone is a opiate that blocks some of the "side effects" of withdrawal symptoms; anxiety, depression, rage, sadness...usually extremes as out of balance with natural brain chemistry and natural order or frequencies. Today, we are the blind leading the blind as no one really seems to have a handle of Addiction and Alcoholism nor Mental Health. There are some very promising studied and testimonials from people who have gone vegan, who fast, who pray and meditation. Some are attending Plant Medicine retreats or taking trips overseas to explore their homeland in order to connect to their roots in attempts to find peace. Here are The Epec Clinic, we prescribe Medical Cannabis to help alleviate anxiety, cravings for drugs of choice or to provide healthy alternatives to smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. We understand that alcohol is legal. We are forced to see it in every store. Same with cigarettes'. However, we also know that many of us can not drink and others are already at risk of cancer due to obesity or poor lifestyle choices. Most of never spend 15 minutes quiet these days...that is a great cause of stress, mental health issues and drug addiction and alcoholism today.

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