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Does Suboxone Really Help In Addiction Treatment?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

In the early days, the myth circulated that Suboxone does not really help in treating addiction. The sufferer has to undergo therapy sessions to fight the addiction.

Although this was just a myth, it raised some questions about Suboxone treatment. People began to believe that Suboxone does nothing to treat addiction.

The reality behind this myth is that any treatment with therapy is considered more powerful and produces excellent results in less time. Whether it is Suboxone or any other treatment, if the person undergoes therapy, it helps them recover quickly.

Therapy helps motivate people that they can do it; it has nothing else to do. The actual treatment is done by professionals under their supervision. The ideal treatment must include MOUD, therapy, recovery support, support groups, housing, and job search support.

This is an ideal situation that will help the patient recover quickly. However, this does not mean that all of this is a must in order to treat addiction. Treatment can be done without any or even all of these support programs, but it will take longer to be 100% cured.

Combination treatment is preferred because there is a lack of licensed professionals and qualified providers in the system. For this reason, there is nothing better than combination treatment.


Treating an addict under the ideal conditions may seem unrealistic, especially considering that many people suffering from addiction often do not have access to regular healthcare or health insurance. Moreover, it will be difficult for them to afford the cost of the entire treatment.

Moreover, Suboxone alone can work wonders even without therapy. However, when Suboxone is combined with therapy or other supports such as recovery support, housing assistance, etc., the results are even more effective and faster.

The claim that Suboxone is not enough to treat drug addicts is 100% a myth.

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