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Are There Any Online Suboxone Doctors in Rosedale, MD

Suboxone clinic The Epec Clinic has been providing online doctor appointment and prescribing Suboxone in Rosedale, MD for many years very successfully. Lekeya Hutton is our Suboxone doctor who not only utilizes Suboxone but use Medical Cannabis and the use of Botox injections to help her patients feel better about life and or themselves. Give us a call 443-559-8354 today!

Suboxone Used To Help Reduce The Risk of Overdose Deaths in America

Heroin and other opiate based prescriptions have been the leading cause of drug overdose deaths in American and continue to increase each year as more manufactures continue to pump out stronger more deadly drugs / poisons into our communities. Now is the time to take a serious look at what is important to us, who and why and make the necessary changes immediately. At The Epec Clinic, our Suboxone doctor works with individuals in a number of ways. 1. Help reduce or taper off opiates and or Suboxone. 2. Prescribes Medical Cannabis to help reduce anxiety, pain and the need for opiates and or Suboxone. 3. Prescribes Botox injections to help people feel better about themselves as depression does lead to relapse and reuse of drug of choice.

Rosedale, MD Suboxone Doctor Online Appointments are Available Throughout Maryland

Throughout the state of Maryland, including Baltimore and Rosedale, MD heroin usage is at an all-time high. Children 12 years old, some younger, some older, are being prescribed opiate based medicines. It is alarming to say the least when you consider that many of these children to young adults will find themselves physically dependent and or addicted before the age of 16-18 years old. Many as adults will end up in rehab or incarcerated due to the getting and finding ways to get more of these opiates. Suboxone is one method of reducing the heroin overdoses, however it is not the only way to break free. Here at The Epec Clinic, we also prescribe Medical Cannabis prescription for those not interested in getting on Suboxone or staying on Suboxone. If you would like more information about how you can become a patient, please give us a call today 443-559-8354

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