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Addiction Is Taking Over

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Addiction is taking over, but together we can defeat it. Addiction comes in many forms. Ever

hear someone say that they have an “addictive” personality? This statement is a mental

construct, something that we’ve been made to believe over time. Addiction doesn’t necessarily

have to do with a substance abuse disorder, it could be shopping, food, technology, gambling,

sex and/or porn, and it could even be an addiction to exercising.

Something becomes an addiction when its being overly used to fill a void or replace something

that we feel is missing in ourselves and our lives in order to be fulfilled or happy. It can also

arise when we experience an event that brings up emotions that we don’t want to feel. A person

may turn to an outside source to try to numb or eliminate the undesired feelings. If this goes

unnoticed or untreated then it could spiral into a substance abuse disorder.

baltimore addiction treatment

A lot of people go through certain addictions within their lives at some point without really

realizing or calling it an addiction, they may even just joke about their “shopping” addiction.

However, not all addictions become detrimental and some can easily be noticed and removed

without much effort. However, when it turns into an addiction that begins to affect multiple areas

of your life, causing turmoil, action doesn’t need to be delayed.

Some of the addictions previously mentioned may be easily treated at home, with simple

changes in one’s thinking patterns and lifestyle routines. A substance abuse disorder such as

with alcohol, pharmaceuticals, opiates or heroin, etc. most likely will need proper guidance and


At Maryland substance abuse center, The Epec Clinic, there’s a team of specialists ready to

help guide you on your journey to recovery through medication assisted treatments with

Suboxone and Medicinal Cannabis. They accept most insurance providers including Medicaid

and Medicare at the convenient locations around the Baltimore, MD area as well as through

their Telehealth program. Don’t wait any longer to get the support you need, call today!

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