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Survival - The New God of Today's Idols

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Did you know that we are all way to busy? Way to stressed out? Way underpaid and left feeling less than because of it. We have children to care for and can barely care for ourselves. Yet, when we think about others who are far worse off, we must ask ourselves, it is society and all their demands or is it society, their demands and all the self-inflicted suffering we create because we simply do not know who we are? If we knew for a fact, we are perfect, a perfect creation, do you think we would ever think about ANTI-ANYTHING? If we knew we were truly Children of God, would we allow ourselves to be treated in ways that cause us to lose who we are?

Suboxone for Taper Protocol - Vs Long-Term Medication Maintenance

When searching to find a doctor who can help you with an addiction, alcoholism, or mental health concern, Suboxone is used successfully to taper people off heroin and prescription drugs that can lead to overdoses such as Oxycontin which was said to claim 10'000 of 1000's of lives before being removed after influencing the opiate epidemic on a scale unseen before by any company or opiate based narcotic pain medication. We must be careful to avoid harmful chemicals that burn away at our minds, bodies and souls if we are to obtain a clear mind and new connection with Spirit. Suboxone is a great medication when used as designed, 7-10 days to remove opiate withdrawal symptoms. However, studies have shown that longer usages of Suboxone may help with restoring natural brain chemistry. We do not necessarily support such claims as it seemed to have turned Suboxone into the new Methadone. Some people will never stop taking Methadone and some people will never stop taking Suboxone. However, it is our belief that a clear mind, a holistic path and a relationship with Spirit, God, Higher Power, something greater than selfishness can lead us into a state of peace, love and harmony with self and others.

Contact Us For Information About Medical Marijuana & Ketamine

We are here to support you. Come as you are. We are not here to judge you. We are you. Each of us has a special calling on our lives. This is ours. To be here right now for you. So please, if you are struggling, please, listen, it does not have to be this difficult and life is and can be very enjoyable for you and your family. First step is giving us a call. Next, we will schedule an online suboxone doctor appointment and or discuss Medical Cannabis and Ketamine Infusion Therapy as well as health, nutrition, diet etc. Happy to help! Give us a call today. God Bless. Aho Amen


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