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Suboxone Treatment Is Expensive - Can I Get It For Free?

There is no doubt that Suboxone treatment is expensive, but if you have decided to quit the addiction, then there are ways that you can afford this costly treatment.

If you are looking for legal ways to get your Suboxone treatment for free, the only best way is to get a prescription from a licensed prescriber. Once you get such a prescription, you can get rid of opiate addiction at little or no cost.

In the U.S., certain government programs and organizations work for people's welfare and help them get rid of opiate addiction. However, you have to qualify to participate in this program. They will subsidize your half or overall expenses.

Can I ask my health insurance company to pay for my Suboxone treatment?

Generally, all health insurance plans cover the cost of Suboxone treatment. Depending on your insurance policy, it may cover half or all of the treatment. However, you will need your health insurance company's approval to cover the cost of medications.

You can ask your provider to help you get prior authorization for Suboxone. This depends entirely on your insurance plan. The insurance company will cover all of your treatment if you are a premium customer. Otherwise, in some cases, they only provide minimal coverage. Whereas some offer only treatment coverage, and you have to buy the medication yourself.

In some cases, you may need additional health insurance. For example, if you qualify for Medicare Part D, you will only receive buprenorphine for chronic pain for free, but the cost of Suboxone will not be covered. Medicaid-eligible individuals, however, will receive coverage for Suboxone treatment and a combination, most likely buprenorphine or naloxone, regardless of your state.


Suboxone treatment can last a year or two years, depending on how strong your will is. Considering only medication, the monthly cost of 30 films would be $166, which will be more after adding the treatment amount. So if you consider having your insurance company or a government program cover the treatment cost, you can subsidize your total expenses.

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