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Suboxone Doctor Baltimore MD Online Appointments

Pain is an umbrella term to describe all kinds of discomfort in the body. Pain or physical discomfort can be brought on due to multiple reasons. Most pain is an indicator that something is wrong, something is out of alignment. Whether it’s stored up trauma that hasn’t been addressed, imbalances of the subtle energetic body, or possibly a recent injury. In today’s society a lot of pain management doctors don’t take the time or even care to explore the root cause of pain or discomfort and will immediately put their patients on pain medication to just simply put a band aid on the issue at hand.

Baltimore, MD Online Suboxone Doctor Appointments

Most pain medications will consist of opioids that are highly addictive. With no other solutions to managing their pain, the person will eventually become dependent on that medication and eventually will see the negative spiraling effects that the addiction brings. Addiction comes in many forms. Opiate or Heroin Addiction can be life debilitating, causing the person to damage friendships, relationships, and even causing the loss of employment. Studies show that most addictions root from childhood traumas, repressed emotions. Most people are typically not taught how to manage the emotions that come from their traumatic experiences and will usually try to bury their unwanted feelings. When triggered or simply just unable to keep the emotions hidden people will seek other means to do this for them and that tends to be life threatening drug addictions.

Rosedale, MD Online Suboxone Doctor Appointments

The hardest part of removing these drugs from your life is the horrible withdrawal symptoms that come with it. These symptoms could be muscle aches and cramps, nauseas and vomiting, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, agitation, sweating, and more. Through medication-assisted therapy with the use of suboxone, we’re able to help our patients at The Epec Clinic minimize the withdrawal symptoms in order to begin working towards getting to the root of the problem. Psychedelic-assisted therapy is rapidly growing and showing promising life-long results through participants for anxiety, depression, ptsd, addictions, pain management, and much more all over the country. For this reason we work in collaboration with other doctors in Maryland to provide Ketamine Infusion Therapy in order to combat some of the root causes of the addiction in the first place. Our Suboxone doctor in our Glen Burnie, Baltimore, and Rosedale locations are accepting most insurance providers including Medicaid. The Epec Clinic also offers telehealth suboxone treatment programs. It’s time to reclaim your life! Reconnect with your divine self, come back home! You’re not alone! Reach out to our suboxone doctor today! For Ketamine therapy providers, please visit our partner today! Ketamine is being prescribed to assist with depression and anxiety.

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