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Suboxone Appointments Online in Baltimore, MD

Suboxone clinic in Baltimore, MD has provided telehealth or online suboxone doctor appointments to help assist patients with transportation issues. Our suboxone doctor provides medication-assisted treatment options via Zoom Face to Face technology. More than ever, patients are flocking to online suboxone treatment services. More than ever patients are also exploring other Suboxone rehabilitation options such as plant based rehab or plant detox assistance using Medical Cannabis. Cannabis prescriptions are available to help patients cope with anxiety and depression, aches and pain relief.

Suboxone is a detoxification medication that has been used by suboxone doctors to help those suffering with opiate withdrawal symptoms that can be very harsh and brutal to deal with just cold turkey alone. Most people will never experience a full blown heroin withdrawal episode as Suboxone is readily available and greatly reduces the amount of pain and suffering as well as the length of time needed to recover.

Marijuana is a option that is being provided to all our patients are we believe nature or plant medicines are the way of the past before being criminalized and they are here now to stay and we must embrace the organic natural ways of healing if we are to avoid a tragic future where we find ourselves dependent on narcotic or opiate based prescription medications that may very well lead to a dependence physically and if we see another Oxycontin crime against humanity where they pulled the prescriptions and many turned to heroin to replace the addiction to the Oxycodone. Today, 100’s of 1000’s are dead because of the opiate epidemic! Do not be a statistic!

For more information about Plant Medicines such as Medical Cannabis, please contact our holistic practitioners here at The Epec Clinic. If you need to learn more about medication-assisted treatment, suboxone rehab or suboxone treatment or our online suboxone doctor appointments in Baltimore, Rosedale and statewide, please call us today!

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