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Recipe For Success

Pain can often times lead to physical dependence pain medications. It is for this reason doctors are helping those who find themselves addicted to opiate pain medications. Helping you to regain your freedom from an opioid dependency is our ultimate goal. Many of those that attempt to tackle their addictions alone sadly end up relapsing. We would not like to see you suffer through the withdrawal symptoms yet again after going through Suboxone treatment. So here are some tips that can help you stay clean.

Find a support system

At The Epec Clinic, we believe the first essential thing is to find a team of friends, family, and/or acquaintances that are sober and have your best interest at heart. We encourage you to surround yourself with such individuals as they will keep you on track. They will constantly remind you that the decision you made was the best, which will boost your confidence, helping you stick to the goal.

Change your environment

Suppose you lived in an area that opioids are quick to find or people who are addicts, it's time you move away. If you are unable to move right away, some remodeling in your home or room will help. Remove items that trigger memories and replace them with items that will induce positive emotions. We are all products of our surroundings, so sticking with the same things will have you relapse to your old habits. And so, if you want to stay clean, change your environment.

Stick to the plan

Once you go through the process of healing and rehabilitation at The Epec Clinic, we offer you skills that help you with goal-setting. You most probably wrote down a plan and so make a point to stick to it. Remember why you wanted to change and do not be shaken even when faced with temptation. It may help to place a copy of your plan in various places throughout your home. Also provide a copy to your support system.

Ensure you maintain all the after-rehab programs

Once you complete the process of healing and rehabilitation at our Suboxone clinic, you just do not up and leave. We keep holding your hand. We offer group sessions, weekly and monthly meetings to keep you clean. These sessions encourage you to stay clean, and if you keep up, you will remain clean.

Create healthy habits

We know it gets complicated once you go back out to the world, but you are not alone. We are always on your corner cheering you on. And one way we help you is to push you to develop healthier habits to keep you busy. Look into activities like painting, cycling, pottery, and any other that will keep you busy.

Contact us today!

Our suboxone treatment facility is equipped with doctors, therapists, and treatments that will help any individual grow from their unhealthy habits to create and replace them with new productive habits. So give us a call today to Transform Your Life.

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