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Health is Wealth - Freedom from Chemicals

Our entire lives we are told that we get a cold, we take an over-the-counter drug to relieve the "symptoms" coughing, sneezing, runny nose. This begins the non-stop flight into doctors offices, emergency rooms, counseling centers, mental institutions and alcoholism and drug rehabilitation centers. The reason why so many people are getting sick is because they have been sick their entire lives. The food that is being eaten is full of chemicals that once within our food does not properly breakdown to provide healthy life-giving and life saving nutrients.

Suboxone is One of Many Options Available

Medical and Recreational Cannabis is another option that The Epec Clinic supports. Ketamine being another as legal and considered a Psychedelic. It is a helpful stepping stone for those who are not comfortable with Plant Medicines or Psychedelic-therapy. However, MAT is quickly becoming PAT or Psychedelic-assisted therapy. The farther we can distance ourselves from chemical based narcotics the more effectively we can restore the body and mind, spirit and soul to natural state.

Narcotic Are Addictive - Once Addicted - Always Affected

Our suboxone rehab center is local and state-wide. We provide in-person visits with our Suboxone prescribing doctors and nurses as well as meet with people online via telehealth or telemedicine technology. This is very helpful for most people. Drugs and alcohol steals everything from our lives. It is time we take it back, remove drugs and alcohol and poisonous foods and environments. Today is the day that matters. Today is all that is truly ours. Today is our blessing and tomorrow is our curse...if we do nothing NOW.

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