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Getting to the Root

Nobody woke up one morning and said to themselves, “I’m going to begin my journey of drug addiction today.” Drug addiction usually stems from something deeper. It begins with deep rooted traumas that we try to forget about, to numb ourselves too. Whether that be childhood traumas, an accident, or injury that we want to forget about. When life doesn’t happen exactly how we anticipate it to and we are forced to go through unpleasant experiences we tend to run and hide from them. Then slowly depression and anxiety creep in. They’re tricky little monsters.

We simply haven’t been taught how to manage these unpleasant feelings in a healthy way. That’s when we turn to other outlets, such as heroin or opiate pain medications, thinking that it’s going to give us that feeling of happiness, at the very least contentment, or comfortability. However, drug addiction eventually turns our lives upside down, ruining our relationships with friends and family. It also begins ruining our work ethics and makes employment opportunities and growth nearly impossible. The depression worsens and you begin sinking deeper and deeper into a hole. There is a way out. There are answers. There is support waiting for you. It’s up to you to make the decision to climb up out of the dark hole however, you do not have to do it alone.

Here at our medication-assisted treatment office in Rosedale and Baltimore in Maryland, we have addiction specialists ready to guide you back to your normal, happy life. We offer Suboxone Treatment Programs as well as Medical Marijuana Treatment Programs. Whether you’re battling depression or an opioid addiction we’re ready to help. If you’re not available to get to us, we even offer Telehealth throughout the state of Maryland in order to be able to reach more people in search of support. Our doctors here at Epec Clinic care about participants' success and are ready to support you today!

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