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Drug Rehabilitation With Online Telehealth Appointments

Drug addiction has stolen the life of 100,000 people each year for far to long. There are healthy alternatives to prescription opiate medicines. There are Medical Cannabis prescriptions available to help relieve some of the symptoms associated with drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety or restlessness. Medicinal Marijuana is being prescribed despite some states creating new laws making it legal, such as MD.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Suboxone and Marijuana Prescribed

Mary Jane 420 HEMP, these are some of the common names associated with Cannabis. Marijuana has been used by humanity for 1000's of years. Many people have been through prison systems, getting up to even 35 years as seen in the new movie Bosco. Here is a young black man, negatively influenced by father and find himself in the middle of a drug deal gone bad. Other people have suffered great pain due to a lack of availability for this medication Marijuana / Cannabis. Today is 2024 and there are more people dying on an annual basis than all the wars combined. 6 Billion dollars was allocated toward State of Emergency-Addiction Epidemic. Now when you consider 5 Trillion was shelled out for Covid, one must ask themselves, where are our priorities?

What Can Be Done To Help This Increasing Number of Casualties in This War Called Addiction
  1. Stop prescribing opiate based on medications when not necessary

  2. Being taper protocols

  3. Plants are The Way that have healed millions of people. It is time we turn to them without synthesizing


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