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Baltimore's Top Online Suboxone Doctor and Clinic

The Epec Clinic suboxone doctors and suboxone clinics are online so capable of treating anyone in the state of Maryland through telehealth or telemedicine services. We are currently accepting new patients and we do accept Medicaid. In addition to suboxone treatment we have a number of Ketamine therapy doctors that we work with. If looking for a natural alternative to anti-anxiety medications, The Epec Clinic prescribes Medical Marijuana and Medicinal Cannabis.

Online Suboxone Doctor Appointments in Baltimore, MD

By providing online suboxone doctor appointments in Baltimore, MD, Rosedale, and Glen Burnie, we are able to treat people anywhere in the state of Maryland. Our patients prefer online suboxone doctors appointments as many of them do not have the transportation and this is very helpful services. We do offer Ketamine infusion therapy referrals as we work with Ketamine therapy doctors in Baltimore, MD. Our online consultations are great for people that can not make it into the office for an in-person visit.

Medical Cannabis or Medicinal Marijuana Prescriptions

Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine or Nature is best route that we have found for people searching to break free from drug addiction. Medical Marijuana is a great alternative that many of our patients appreciate over the opiate based or narcotic medications that tend to be just as addictive as some of their drugs of choice i/e heroin. We promote NATURE above all but we understand that Medical Marijuana may be helpful, it is probably not going to be the best option for someone who has been shooting heroin for the past 5 years. Suboxone would be the best solution. However, when combined with Medical Cannabis and therapy i/e Ketamine therapy and or Talk Therapy, success rates are being seen and people are no longer labeling themselves with a "disease".

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