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Telehealth and Telemedicine Are Game Changers

Is there an online Baltimore Suboxone doctor that accepts Medicaid and new patients?

Is there a Baltimore suboxone clinic near me that offers online or Zoom appointments?

How does a Suboxone doctor in Baltimore see patients online?

If online suboxone doctors appointments, do I still have to come into the office?

Why do doctors who prescribe suboxone use telehealth or telemedicine?

Online Suboxone Doctor Appointments Are Highly Favored

In Baltimore, MD, The Epec Clinic is a suboxone treatment center who suboxone doctors provide telehealth or online suboxone doctor appointments. We understand that it is 1. Cold. 2. Expensive 3. A hassle to get into see your suboxone doctor if you live in Baltimore, MD. For these reasons and some others, our Baltimore suboxone doctors and suboxone clinic provide telemedicine services through the use of Zoom technology. Our patients rave about the convenience!

Medication-assisted Treatment - Suboxone - The New Gold Standard

For opiate addiction, Suboxone is now the New Gold Standard for treating opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms and the cravings that may lead to a relapse on heroin or opiate based prescription medication i.e Fentanyl. Fentanyl is being added to heroin and the result deadly. We caution all patients to avoid taking such risks and encourage Suboxone maintenance for 18 months. At which point, we reevaluate where each patient is in their recovery.

Online Suboxone Doctor Appointments - Patient's Preferred Choice

Although we do have suboxone clinics in Baltimore, Rosedale and Glen Burnie, MD for those who need to see our suboxone doctor in person, the vast majority of patients we see prefer the online suboxone doctor appointment option and treatment model. It is our hope that all those who are addicted to opioids i.e heroin will get the help they need before it is too late. And yes, unfortunately, there are those who have lost their lives to drug addiction and drug overdoses.

Contact Top Rated Suboxone Doctor and Suboxone Clinic Today!

For more information about our medication-assisted treatment programs or suboxone clinics, please reach out to us 443-559-8354. Our online Baltimore Suboxone Doctor is accepting Medicaid and new patients!

We also prescribe Medical Cannabis for anxiety, addiction, and pain relief


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