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Drug Addiction in America is Rampant

Here at The Epec Clinic, we provide online Suboxone doctor appointments to help ease the stress associated with finding transportation to and from our Rosedale, MD Suboxone Clinic. The other main reason for using telehealth or telemedicine is to reduce the long wait times or waiting rooms. In addiction, accessibility becomes much easier and we are capable of treating patients throughout the state of Maryland and are not limited to Rosedale, MD in-person only appointments. If you have been looking for an online Suboxone doctor, give us a call today 443-559-8354 and we will schedule your first appointment with us immediately.

Why Is Suboxone Considered The Gold Standard for Treating Opiate Addiction?

  1. Methadone requires patients to attend in-person visits daily up to every 3 days typically

  2. Suboxone appointments can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

  3. It has been reported that Methadone clinics tend to have issues with patients selling the medication to get heroin or other opiates i.e Drug of Choice

  4. Suboxone does not have "Get High" feeling as is the case with Methadone

  5. Suboxone vs Subutex is far less abused, not injected as is the case with Subutex

Is Medical Cannabis used with Suboxone or as a replacement?

Suboxone is an approved medicine for short and long term management of opioid dependence.

Some studies have reported a high prevalence of cannabis use among individuals enrolled in treatment for opioid treatment (ranging from 39-66%). Some studies exploring impact of cannabis use on treatment outcome for opioid dependence have shown varied results. While some have reported an adverse impact on outcome, others have failed to demonstrate such association.

Here at The Epec Clinic, we are also exploring the use of Ketamine for depression as well as providing Botox injections to help patients improve their self-esteem and reduce signs of aging. If you would like to speak to an addiction specialist about setting up your first Suboxone appointment online, please call us today at 443-559-8354. If would like information pertaining to Botox shots / injections or would like information about Medical Cannabis, our providers can also answer any questions that you may have and line you up with provider and appointment immediately.


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